Gunnery Instructor (Senior Instructor)

Location:  Fort Sill, Oklahoma


Job Description:  A Gunnery Instructor (GI) provides weeks of realistic training using an approved Program of Instruction to Basic Officers Leadership Course – Level B (BOLC B) Students during an 18 week and 3 day course.  The GI may teach students in overlapping BOLC classes. The GI works in conjunction with the Fire Support Instructor and the Platoon Leader Instructor to teach 18 total weeks of course instruction.  The GI delivers training in one of the following methods: classroom, individual hands on, simulated, during field training, at distant learning locations or during training exercises.  The GI prepares programs of instruction, delivers training, evaluates and assesses student performance, prepares training materials, coordinates training support, establishes the classroom environment, and provides mentorship to students. A GI must meet training, technical and tactical certification of course content and document experience level requirements of the courses.  The GI must maintain competence as a Fire Direction Officer at all times, and maintain current knowledge of emerging technological advances in equipment, weapon system, and Tactics, Techniques and Procedure (TTPs).  The GI may serve as a task lead.


  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Must be a graduate of a Military Education Level 3 (for example, the U.S. Army Field Artillery Captain’s Career Course).
  • Must have a certification from the Army Basic Instructor Course or possess the ability to achieve one.
  • Must have served in the US Army or Marine Corps as a Fire Direction Officer (FDO); served as a service school instructor and had recent experience as an FDO.
  • Must have technical expertise in gunnery tactics, techniques, and procedures at the battalion level, employment capabilities and organization of the U.S. Army, and U.S. Marine Corps.
  • Must be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who can communicate effectively with students and clearly demonstrate the duties of an FDO.
  • Must be proficient with MS Office computer programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Must be knowledgeable of all pre-requisite military regulations and doctrine regarding military training.
  • Must have 5+ years experience in the military specialty being taught.
  • Must be competent to teach material from Field Manual (FM) 3-09.8, FM 3-09.21, FM 6-40, and FM 6-50.
  • Must be capable of instructing automated gunnery using an Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) for both technical and tactical fire direction for the M109A6, M119A2, M777A2, and M198 howitzers.
  • Must be eligible for a Secret Clearance.

Desired Experience:

  • Experience as an Army/Marine instructor.
  • Experience as a platoon leader.
  • Recent deployed, operational experience serving in one of the core elements, supporting elements or related activities associated with FSO or FDO duties.
  • Technical expertise in fire support and gunnery TTP at the battalion level.
  • Able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Strong communications skills both written and oral.

NOTE: This job description is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications. 


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